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Michael Laudrups tænder - Majse Njor,  Camilla Stockmann Can you get to know a stranger without ever meeting her?The answers are in Camilla Stockmann and Majse Njor's e-mail correspondance, which took place during the year Majse was on maternity leave and Camilla worked late.There's absolutely no plot here. It's simply the e-mail correspondance of two women during one year of their lives. They start out as strangers, but slowly open up to each other, and start sharing funny, embarrassing and poignant stories about their lives.I had the book recommended by a friend, and it really struck a chord with me, as over the years I've made a LOT of friends whom I only know through their words and have never met - yet I'd consider them among my closest friends. It's a very 'authentic' book, and I really enjoyed getting to know Camilla and Majse through their emails. It's a different sort of feel-good book, and I greatly enjoyed it.