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Dawn's Early Light (Williamsburg, #1) - Elswyth Thane A 2.5 star review.It has taken me ridiculously long time to finish this book, and I do feel bad about giving it such a low rating, but considering how long I've been reading it, I can't in good conscience claim that it was any better than ok.The book is split up into three parts. The first part where Julian arrives to the USA and get settles I really liked. That part was a breeze to get through. I loved reading about his friendship with St. John and his job as a teacher - not to mention Kit and Tibby. Had the entire book been like that, I would probably have given it 4 stars. Unfortunately then the Revolution started, and with it a much more boring part two. Eslwyth Thane did not manage to make that interesting for me at all and part two was a chore to slog through.Part 3 was fortunately somewhat a mix of part one and two, so while not quite as good an end as the beginning had lead up to, at least it did end on a better note than I at one point feared.Guess I'll return to Diana Gabaldon instead for books about the Revolution.