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Dragondrums  - Anne McCaffrey I enjoyed this book much more than the first time around. Probably because when I first read it I was so disappointed that it focused on Piemur instead of on Menolly. This time I knew that, so I was prepared to enjoy it for its own right.However, it did bother me that Piemur's theft of a fire-lizard egg wasn't frowned upon more. It seemed as if all his friends didn't see a problem with it, other than that it caused a stir. Stealing is stealing, and it annoyed me that everybody seems to treat it as "Oh well, the person he stole it from didn't deserve it anyway, so good for him." Anne McCaffrey, I'd expected more of you!Other than that I enjoyed the book, and am glad I finally moved past my initial disappointment of it, to reread it.