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Dead Famous - Ben Elton I was completely fascinated by this book from the very first page. A murder committed in a "Big Brother"-type environment would have seemed impossible to achieve - and certainly very easy to solve - so how could it make for an interesting book? Yet Ben Elton manages to pull it off. I had great difficulties putting it down, and was completely taken aback by the ending... which, granted, wasn't all that likely, even if it was plausible.The atmosphere of "Big Brother" was spot on (at least as seen in the Danish version), which is actually the sole reason for the one star taken off - I always felt kinda dirty or voyeuristic watching that show, and Ben Elton managed to achieve the exact same result from me reading... to which I guess I should say "Well done!"Perfect for a quick summer read.... but now I feel like rereading Guilt by Association by Gilbert Morris as "Dead Famous" reminded me of it. That's not a bad thing though ;)