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I Pandoras æske - Pernille Eybye It's the last day of exams. A long summer vacation is ahead of Dennis, Jonas and Katja. The program for the next two months consists of nothing but sun, beach and as much relaxation as at all possible.But unfortunately fate has other plans when Jonas accidentally steps directly out in front of a car and is run over. Luckily he suffers nothing worse than a broken leg and a concussion, but as he returns from unconsciousness memories linger of a strange girl who calls herself Pandora, and he discovers a new-found ability to communicate with her in his dreams.This is strange, but not disturbing - that is, until Katja and Dennis discover that Pandora's real name is Charlotte, and that she's been missing since the day Jonas got run over.Now it's up to the three friends to find Pandora before it's too late and The Dark One gets his hands on her for good.I Pandoras æske ("In Pandora's Box") is the second book I've read by Pernille Eybye, and I have to admit I was completely blown away. The first book had been a somewhat disappointing run-of-the-mill YA, so I hadn't really expected anything more from this one. Boy, was I ever wrong! Instead I found an incredibly fascinating suspense novel, that turned out to be an absolute page-turner. The plot was fascinating, but even more satisfying, the characters were refreshingly complex. Still targeted towards teenagers, but also a very enjoyable read for older people.