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The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks This is only the second Nicholas Sparks book I've read. The first (The Notebook) I found only so-so, so I never added him to my list of "must read authors", and probably wouldn't have picked up another book by him by myself. However, two of my sisters both raved over The Last Song and told me I HAD to read it. I trust my sisters, picked it up, and after an initial hiccup, finished 16 hours later.It's a sweet book. A very, very sweet book. A feel-good book despite its ups and downs, troubles and sorrows. I really grew to care deeply about the main characters, and loved seeing how they developed through the book.It's one of those books I'd categorize as "chick-lit with substance". It's not fluff, and though an easy read, it's one that will stay with you for awhile. I hope I'll be able to treat my teenagers as wisely should I ever have any.