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Stilleleg - Julie Clausen An innocent bet.A meeting between two grown kids each surrounded by fences to protect themselves.A quiet, intense and stubborn fight to break through the fences to get through to what's been hidden behind.A game to see who can be silent the longest.A game to see who breaks the silence first.A game that isn't necessarily a game.Stilleleg ("Game of Silence") has a lot going for it, and at times I was totally mesmerized. Unfortunately, it also has a number of issues that made it quite uncomfortable for me to read. I don't necessarily think that's because it's a bad book, but more because I'm either a prude or have gotten too old for books like these.I really was starting to enjoy it though - had gotten to a point where I could see past my personal issues and enjoy some of the adorable aspects of the book - but the ending ruined that completely. It seemed absolutely pointless to me, and turned an otherwise hopeful book into something completely depressing. Sad endings are sometimes necessary, but it really annoys me when authors uses them when they're not.I contemplated giving it only 1 star, but I did enjoy some of it, and didn't have to force myself to finish it, so 2 it is.