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The Saturdays - Elizabeth Enright I had this recommended to me because I loved the Gone-Away Lake books so much. I'm glad, because The Saturdays is an adorable tale, that I'd be glad to read to my kids some day. I didn't find it quite as charming as Gone Away Lake, as I felt it lacked some of the magic of that series, although I wouldn't doubt that nostalgia has something to do with it as well.The book is somewhat aged, which especially is apparent in the childrens' outings. I'm not sure I'd let a 10-year-old walk through NYC by herself (I didn't get how far it was, but more than just around the block, which would be different), and the reaction to a 13-year-old coming home with a manicure and red fingernails would have been very over the top today.I think I'll want to read the rest eventually, but I'm in no rush to get them out of the library right away.