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The Return: Shadow Souls (Vampire Diaries) - L. J. Smith I was gratified to see that most of my complaints about The Return, #1 didn't repeat themselves in this book. There was a lot more "meat" to the plot, and the characters slowly gained in complexity... actually, I think Matt got the shorter end of the stick here, since he was absent for so much of the book.I rather liked the Dark Dimension, and seeing another part of Damon and Stephan's world. And I'm intrigued by the secrets everybody seems to be keeping.It's become very obvious by now that these books are NOT meant to be read alone. There are strong links between the different books in the series, and while the cliff-hangers aren't quite as bad as in the original series (not this cliff-hanger anyway), they're still there, and there are a lot of issues still left open. I'm not curious enough that I'm rushing out to get hold of the next one, but I'd probably be happy enough to read it, should my publisher choose to send it my way.