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For foden af trappen - Pernille Eybye 15-year-old Ella lives a perfect life... right up until she is murdered. But she hasn't left the house she was killed in, and when Samson and his family moves in, she takes the chance and asks Samson for help. Ella is certain that one of her best friends killed her...This is the third book I've read by Pernille Eybye, and she slowly but surely improves her style for every book. The first I read was superficial, immature and boring, and I only finished it out of a sense of obligation. The second had improved by leaps and bounds, so when I got my hands on this third one, I knew it could go both ways, but was willing to give it a shot. Thankfully Pernille has continued to improve and managed to write a proper page-turner, that I had difficulties putting down, and which stayed with me for quite awhile after I finished reading it.Seems to me that Pernille Eyebye should leave YA romance well alone, and stick to YA suspense - she does that SO much better.