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Tunnelmanden - Dennis Jürgensen After her father's death, Adelene has lived alone together with her mother. Constantly half-drunk, her mother only ever cares about Adelene when she needs her morning beer, or she wants somebody to go shopping for the cigarettes and drink she needs. It's only gotten worse since her new boyfriend started supplying her with drugs.Add that to constantly being bullied in school, and Adelene's life is no dance on roses... something that the Tunnel Man has discovered too, and that he's intent on fixing.Unfortunately his idea of "fixing" is to eliminate the people who makes Adelene's life a hardship, and Adelene now discovers that no matter how unfair it seems, she can't save everybody.Surprisingly good, although I'm not too sure why it's surprising - I tend to like Dennis Jürgensen's books. They're seldom very deep or 'high literature', but they're almost always good entertainment.I liked the moral dilemma of the story - if you could dictate who should die and who should live, would it be easier for you to opt-in or opt-out? And would you be able to choose at all, even when knowing that if you don't somebody else will make the decision for you - and it might be worse?