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Monday's Child - Louise Bagshawe Almost every other Louise Bagshawe book I've read, I've loved and found utterly impossible to put down. Therefore it came as a huge surprise to me that not only was this not the case for this one, I was actually somewhat bored with it at times.It had its good parts - I loved the friendship that developed between Anne and Janet - but as a whole it was predictable and unrealistic (well... even more than her books are usually ;) ), she spent far too little time on the aspects of the book that I found most interesting and about half-way through dropped them altogether, and the ending felt forced. I could have forgiven her the two first things, as it could still have been a sweet book and a fun escape from reality, but without the interesting work details and with a deux ex machina ending, it just all adds up to a book that isn't really worth rereading.So why did I still give it 3 stars rather than just 2? Because despite everything, Louise Bagshawe still writes well enough for her writing to keep me interested, even when her plot can't, and at the end of the day, I didn't have to force myself to finish the book, but actually did so completely voluntarily :)