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Middlemarch - Michel Faber, George Eliot Took me forever to finish this! I read it as an audiobook, which I think was probably doing it a disservice, as it's very long and slow-moving, which makes it very easy for me to get distracted and let my thoughts wander. Also, since it was downloaded from Librivox, not all readers were equally inspiring to listen to, which didn't help keeping my attention captured.I stuck with it though, and started really caring about some of the characters, wanting to see what happened to them, and feel very accomplished that I managed to finish! I do think it could easily have been quite a bit shorter though. My favourite storyline was definitely Dorothea's, whom I also thought was the most sympathetic character. I liked Rosamond well enough at first, but was really appalled by how she treated Lydgate when he came into hardship. I think Fred and Mary were the only people whose storyline I actually didn't care about at all.I do wonder how different my opinion would have been if I had read it rather than listened to it though.