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The Girls - Lori Lansens I'll admit straight out that I mostly picked up this book because I'm fascinated by cojoined twins. I can't imagine what it must be like to be that closely linked to another person ALL THE TIME. Reading it made me wonder how close to reality Lori Lansens got, because she's obviously not cojoined herself, but her descriptions seemed very realistic.Some chapters of the book were written by Rose and others by Ruby. Though Rose's were the most detailed, and the ones where we learned most about the sisters' "public" lives, I actually preferred the chapters written by Ruby, as she was less fussed about being a 'proper writer', and wrote things straight out rather than trying to get to them chronologically, which meant that we ended up getting to know the girls a lot better through her chapters. Also, in fictional books I'm generally more interested in people's "nows" than in their pasts. But that's just me ;)