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Untamed - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast After a very disappointing book 3 I was happy to see P.C. and Kristin Cast back on track in this one. Just sad that it had to happen by Zoey losing all three of her boyfriends in one bad move, but if she can't get her act together and make up her mind herself, I guess circumstances have to do it for her. And I was thrilled to see her no longer trying to tackle everything herself, but actually listening to her friends and to Nyx once in awhile. She is a lot less Mary Sue'ish in this book and accordingly a lot more likeable.Aphrodite is still my favourite character, but I have to say that the friendly nuns run a very close second. And I'm incredibly relieved to see that the Casts no longer lump all religious people together with the narrow-minded, but actually cut some of them some slack.