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Hunted - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast Alas, after a brief respite, P.C. and Kristin Cast return to their habit of sending multiple love interests Zoey's way. Come on, guys. It's getting old, and it wasn't even attractive in the first place! Why all paranormal books these days have to have a love triangle (or a love square in this case) I'll never understand.But thankfully, it is a lot better handled in this book than in book 3, so I still have hope that they will redeem themselves in later books. Zoey's internal dilemma here is actually believable and for the one person where it isn't, the authors are already dropping hints that Zoey may call it off. Yes! Please do! Bah!Apart from that one annoyance, I was very intrigued in the story and easily got caught up in the fast pace of the plot. I really hope we get to read a lot more about Stark and the few remaining 'sane' teachers in the next book, and am very interested to see how the fall-out from this book's ending will be handled.