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Chart Throb - Ben Elton Chart Throb is very much like Dead Famous (also by Ben Elton) in that it takes a reality TV phenomenon to its logical extreme. In Dead Famous "Big Brother" came under scrutiny - here it is "X-Factor" and that ilk. Just like while reading Dead Famous I was kept fascinated throughout the book, could hardly put it down (read it in less than 24 hours in fact), yet felt uncomfortably like a voyeur while reading it... which I suspect was the purpose.Chart Throb had very few likeable characters, and I was occasionally annoyed to be more or less manipulated into feeling sorry for the most unsympathetic characters... yet I could actually easily believe that such characters exist. I got a good laugh out of reading about HRH, The Prince of Wales though, and although I greatly had to suspend my disbelief for it to work, I thought it was a nice touch.The main problem with reading Chart Throb and Blind Faith back to back was that I noticed a lot of phrases and ideas being reused. (What is this fascination with Wuthering Heights? From Babysitter's Club to Twilight, it's held in great esteem by everybody, and I feel tricked, because personally I think it's one of the worst books I've ever read!) While "Love you big time" and "I'll big you up" sounds completely plausible in a future society, here it just sounded fake.