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The Year of Sacrifice - Rebecca LeeAnne Brammer, Crystal O. Miller I was thrilled to find this in my mailbox today, and naturally started it right away. After all, I've been waiting for it for about a year ;)Just like the first book in the series, The Year of Plenty this is a charming account of the life of a 1930s family on a farm in Kentucky. The title is to be taken seriously though, and even more so the difference between the title of the first one and this one. Depression is setting in, and life is becoming increasingly more difficult for the Farleys, but they are a close-knit family, always willing to help each other in any way possible, and make the necessary sacrifices to support the others. But also just like when reading The Year of Plenty, I can't help but wonder how many of the situations were based on actual events, and how many were artistic license from the author. Yes, I'm curious like that.Despite the sacrifices hinted at in the title, it's a cozy book with much the same atmosphere as "The Little House" series and perfect for a quick comfort read (only took me about 90 minutes to read).