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Luftkastellet der blev spraengt (af Stieg Larsson) [Imported] [Paperback] (Danish) (Millennium, 3. bind) - Stieg Larsson Reading 671 pages in two days is a lot, even for me, but the last book in Stieg Larsson's excellent trilogy is every bit as good as the two preceding novels. Picking up right where "The Girl Who Played With Fire" left off, this final volume picks up all the loose threads and ties them nicely together. It's my reoccurring problem with suspense novels that they typically end 50 pages too soon, so things aren't properly wrapped up. Fortunately Stieg Larsson does not fall into this trap, and gives his readers a very satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.My only complaint is that the writing could at times have been a bit tighter, as there was a LOT of background history to be covered, but that's not even worth losing half a point over. These three books are the best I've read all year, and I highly recommend them.Reread in 2011 Upon rereading, I think this may actually be my favourite of the three - although it's hard to say, as it's so closely connected to #2, that it's occasionally difficult to remember what happens in which book.