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DRAGONSDALE: Where Dragons and Dreams Take Flight - I have a hard time figuring out what to write in this review. Parts of the book I LOVED! I really liked Cara, Breena, Woney and Sky, and loved reading about their relationships and the details of dragon flying (DRAGONS! What's not to like?). In atmosphere, the book reminded me quite a lot of Anne McCaffrey's "Harper's Hall" trilogy, which is always a good thing :)But there were also parts of the book that I really didn't like. An unreasonable father who won't let Cara ride a dragon because he's afraid of her falling to her death, but doesn't stop to consider that he's being hypocritical by continuing to ride himself. A horrible and abusive student whom nobody dares do anything about, because she happens to be the daughter of a VIP. And finally a happy ending through disobedience and wish-fulfilment.At the end of the day I found more to like than to dislike though, so while some of the aspects really bugged me as they occurred, they had no lasting effect on my opinion of the book.