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Who Is My Shelter? - Neta Jackson Who Is My Shelter is the last book in the House of Hope series. I'm sorry to have reached the end. I want to know more about the Manna House, the House of Hope and especially about the Yada Yada Prayer Group. I wonder if Neta Jackson has something more in store for us, or if she feels ready to write something else now.*All the various threads from the earlier books are wrapped up nicely in this one. Not necessarily tied down fast, but working in the right direction, and I actually appreciated that everything had a happy ending here and now, but just hinted at one in the future - it seemed more realistic that way.So once again I acknowledge that I was right to give the series a second chance after being so very disappointed by the first book - the remaining three more than made up for it. And as always Yada Yada works as a breath of fresh air for my faith and my prayer life.* Just read this on her webpage:And now ... what's next??? I'm working on a new novel, reviving one of my characters from the original Yada Yada series, introducing some new (annoying) people, and stirring the pot in what I'm calling “SouledOut Sisters.”—NetaFantastic! :)