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The Glass Castle - Jeannette Walls A fascinating book. I knew absolutely nothing about Jeannette Walls before picking up this book, and had actually gotten the impression that it was fiction rather than a memoir.But despite not knowing who Jeannette Walls is, and therefore not having any expectations whatsoever, I soon found myself deeply caught up in the book. The narrator suited the part well, and Jeannette's life was absolutely fascinating. Granted, her parents' behaviour bordered on child abuse from time to time, but it was obvious to see that it wasn't from any ill intent (unless selfishness counts as ill-intent) and that they really did love each other.I'm incredibly impressed that so many of the children did so well with their lives with the upbringing they had. Seems very obvious to me that they owed it to their constant effort to stick together and help each other.I really appreciated a look into this aspect of American living that I'd never known much about before.