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The Last Olympian - Rick Riordan I'm very conflicted in what I think of this book. Parts of it I like, parts of it I didn't care much about at all, and it annoyed me that I didn't care about it, because it's obvious that I'm supposed to.This series is constantly being compared to Harry Potter. Okay, I can see that, but that means that I automatically compared the big fight scene in "The Last Olympian" to the big fight scene in "Deathly Hallows"... and unfortunately it fell down flat in the comparison. This is where the series really suffer from Rick Riordan not doing enough character building in the previous books... apart from the 3-5 main characters, I really didn't care who lived or died. The deaths meant nothing to me, because the characters meant nothing to me.Also, I didn't find the relationship between Percy and Annabeth believable. There was no chemistry between them at all, and seemed tacked on because Riordan figured, "Oops! Better add a love interest!" There is one small glimmer of a spark in an earlier book, but apart from that it was completely "tell, don't show".So those two aspects were hugely disappointing, but fortunately not enough to completely ruin the book for me. I thought the fight scenes well written, I liked Percy's mother and Paul, I liked Rachel, and I loved the final resolution with the gods :)So all in all - 3 stars.