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Born at Midnight - C.C. Hunter Lately paranormal novels have come in fast and furious on the heels of the Twilight success. Are there really room for more? Well, I do think the market is getting a bit saturated, but when I come across a book as well written and captivating as Born at Midnight, I'd still have to say yes. It's set apart from most other paranormal novels by NOT being a Twilight-clone (other than the incessant love-triangle. Please, authors, it's getting old! It's not as bad in this one as in many others though, so I can mostly ignore it), but carving out a spot for itself.I especially love the idea of a supernatural camp, and found it fascinating to see how the different 'species' (for want of better word) interact.Really great book that I HOPE is the first in a series, because I'd love to read more about Kylie and her quest to figure out who and what she is.