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Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer Like I had hoped, I adored it. The series has been accused of being misogynistic and advocating paedophilia (laughable), and I'm sure this book will get more of the same, but I really don't see either. Instead I see an amazing book about love, family and friendship in a group of people who just happen to be vampires and werewolves. While the other books were great in their own right, it really felt as if they were just setting the scene for this one. Not that that makes Breaking Dawn better than any of the others, it just made it feel more complete. I loved that Bella became a vampire so early in this book, that we got to see how she reacted to that as well, and how she adjusted to her new life.Even Jacob became lovable again in this one. I'm glad. I really liked him and hated that Meyer turned him into such a jerk.Like with the other books in the series, I just couldn't put it down and wish I hadn't had work and sleep interfere so I could've finished sooner.For my reread I chose to listen to it as an audiobook instead in order to force myself to take it slower, and was pleased to find it was very well recorded indeed.Reread in 2011: I was in the mood for a book I could disappear completely into and decided to go with a reread to get something I was SURE I'd enjoy. I ended up finishing it in 48 hours, so I'd say I reached my goal.