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The Way We Fall - Megan Crewe Sixteen-year-old Kaelyn knows it's time to start facing her fears and tackling her insecurities when she lets the boy who was once her best friend leave for school abroad without even saying good-bye. But as an unfamiliar virus sweeps through their small island community, suddenly she's got a lot of good reasons to be scared. The doctors have no effective treatment, and patients are starting to die. Then the government quarantines the island in an attempt to contain the epidemic, and Kaelyn and her family are trapped. With the fatalities rising and contact with the mainland failing, the islanders have no one to depend on but themselves--and not everyone has the same interests at heart. As she fights to keep her loved ones safe and her community from falling apart, Kaelyn finds herself challenging not just her fears, but her ideas of whether any person's life is more valuable than another's, and what makes that life worth living. I'm finding it really hard to figure out how to review The Way We Fall. Viewed from my current vantage point - having read what I have - I liked it well enough, but wasn't blown away by it. The plot was fascinating, but the characters only 2-dimensional and the ending somewhat disappointing. However, thinking back, books like these (diary, slighly disturbing) were among my favourites back when I was 13-15, so had I read it at that age, I would probably have LOVED it and rated it 5/5.