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Pectus' sten - Lise Bidstrup What if the world isn't at all like most people think?What if demons are real, and very, very close?And what if it all falls upon a boy and a girl to prevent the world to descend into chaos?Isabell can hardly believe it, when she is approached by a member of the secret "Higher Order". The gentleman tells her a fantastic story about a world that consists of so much more than what people can see, and that this world will only be able to continue, if she agrees to a quest: finding the stone of Pectus.Laus definitely can't believe it, when he receives a letter saying that he has been chosen to participate in a super-secret TV-show called "The Stone of Pectus". Still, he ends up in a plane heading towards Orvieto, Italy where things turn out to be very different from what he had expected.I was contacted by the author herself, asking me if I'd be willing to review this book. The premise sounded good, so of course I agreed. Fortunately I did not live to regret that decision ;-) The book arrived late one afternoon, and by the following evening I had finished it. It's a fun story, easy to read, and captures the attention of the reader, even when she - as in this case - is quite a bit older than the target audience.Thankfully, in a well-written book that really doesn't matter. I enjoyed the plot, loved seeing the friendship grow between Isabell and Laus, and had my own private snigger at the names Lise Bidstrup had chosen for both the good and the bad supernatural creatures (the demons were called "Pravus" and "Ingratus" - once I saw that I was pretty sure it wasn't a coincidence that one of the good guys was called "Auxilius", and stopped to look up the rest :) ). I'm always relieved when I like a book I'm asked to review - it makes everything so much more comfortable :)