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Ship of Destiny (Liveship Traders, #3) - Robin Hobb I hadn't thought it possible, but I have to say that this trilogy is even better than the Farseer trilogy. I think it's possible that I just liked the characters better, and that the plots themselves are comparable.My favourite part by far was seeing the various characters grow and mature. Malta especially of course, but also Keffria and to a part the Satrap. I think that is one of the greatest strengths of Robin Hobb's writing - the characters aren't static, and they aren't two-dimensional.I'm sad to see the story end, but think I will wait until my next vacation to read the Tawny Man trilogy - the books are extremely gribbing, and it has been entirely too difficult to put them down to go to bed or get to work this past week. It'll be so much easier if I don't have such constraints.