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Through the Wardrobe: Your Favorite Authors on C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia - I was hooked the very first time I read about this book, and even though I have now forgotten where that was, I didn't forget about the book, and was thrilled to finally get my hands on it. 16 essays about the Chronicles of Narnia - obviously a must for any Narniophile like myself.Thankfully it was worth the wait. Most of the essays were charming and interesting, and if there was a slight unbalance with more essays being about Prince Caspian than any other book in the series, then that can be explained by the essay collection being compiled shortly after the release of the Prince Caspian movie.Unfortunately there was one essay that prevented me from saying that all the essays were worth reading, and which I couldn't even stomach finishing. Comparing C.S. Lewis to Al Gore and making Prince Caspian all about preserving nature? Really? Seemed like just a bit more than a stretch to me, and I ended up going "Ch!" and flipping through to the next essay.So skip over "Waking the Trees" and enjoy how the remaining 15 essays faithfully explore the magic that is Narnia :)