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De Glemte Piger - Sara Blædel (The Forgotten Girls)In the woods close to Hvalsø, a forester finds the body of a woman, but who is she? According to the coroners she has been dead for about a day, and a large scar across one side of her face ought to make it easy to identify her. But nobody has reported her missing, nor is she to be found on the police's list of wanted people.After four days Louise Rick is still at a loss. It isn't until she decides to release a photo to the public that she gets a lead: An older women identifies the woman as Lisemette, whom she took care off many years ago at a center for the retarded.But when Louise tries to get hold of Lisemette's journal, she is in for a surprise. Because the past turns out to have an unexpected connection to the future, and Louise has to work fast to figure out what happened before it is too late.Probably the best Louise Rick story since "Kald mig prinsesse" (Call Me Princess). I read it in one sitting, and got to bed far too late yesterday as a result. The book was full of unexpected twists and turns, as well as a more thorough peek into Louise's past. I wish I could remember if that past had been hinted at in previous books though - otherwise it's a tad too much to introduce this late in the series. As usual I felt the book ended too quickly, so I am glad that I am familiar enough with Sara Blædel's writing that I know that it is very likely the loose ends will be picked up again in book 8.