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Waterfall  - Lisa Tawn Bergren I'll admit it - my main reason for reading this was that I could get it as a free Kindle book from Amazon. But YA, time-travel and historical fiction sounded like a good mix, so I was eager enough to read it. Not all that eager to finish it though. It's one of those books that you enjoy while reading, but that doesn't leave too much of an impression on you afterwards. I did think Gabi had just a hint of being a Mary Sue at times which meant that the entire book read a bit like wish-fulfilment, and the level of writing didn't exactly dispell that notion.It was enjoyable enough though, so I think I'd still like to read the next book in the series. Especially as I am actually a tad curious as to what happens next. It had shades of Outlander in its love story, which could be a good thing, depending on where Lisa Bergren takes it from here.