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In Between: A Katie Parker Production (ACT I) - Jenny B. Jones This is one of those treasures that I picked up more or less on a whim, and ended up loving. I read it in two sittings and while I can see its flaws, I was mostly so charmed by it, that I think it deserves all 5 stars. This is YA at its best, with a troubled teen who makes mistakes, but who learns from her mistakes, and doesn't end up repeating them. It had a realistic depiction of a youth church (which actually came very close to my own experiences), and of Christian teens in general. It was rather interesting to discover that it was Christian fiction though, as I hadn't picked that up from the book blurb, and only discovered it a couple of chapters into the book.The end was perhaps a bit too perfect, but I thought it fit the style of the book quite nicely, and now I'd really like to read the next two books in the series.