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Hustler: Min tid i prostitution - Odile Poulsen For two years Odile Poulsen worked as a prostitute. Preceding that were years as a victim of incest, an abusive marriage, suicide attempts and stays in a psychiatric ward. "Hustler" is the account of Odile's years on the sheets under the pseudonym Nikki - the author's nom-de-guerre in the sex-business.Later Odile decided to step away from the shame of her past - a shame many ex-prostitutes live with every day - and acknowledge her story.A fascinating story about an environment I can't even begin to imagine (nor do I want to!). Odile wasn't sold into prostitution, nor was she 'forced' by an addiction - she merely saw it as an easy way to earn some extra cash, but eventually realized that it is completely impossible to sell yourself on a daily basis without it affecting your feeling of self-worth.