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Who Killed My Daughter? - Lois Duncan This was a very difficult book for me to read for several reasons.First of all, I knew even before starting the book that it would supply me with no answers. I was afraid that would make for a frustrating read, and I was partly right, but on the other hand it probably also spared me an even greater frustration of turning the last page and not getting the information I wanted.Secondly, what a horrible, horrible situation to be in! Of course I know that it's written from a slanted viewpoint, but I still can't believe the disinterest of both the APD and the FBI. Thirdly, I'm very much a sceptic when it comes to psycics, and thus disinclined to believe in ESP and the likes at all. I have no problem with it in fiction, because... well, it's fiction so different rules apply. But this wasn't fiction and makes me wonder what to make of it. Obviously I believe theres more between heaven and earth than what we can see, but reinvarnation and psycic readings aren't part of it.It took me quite awhile to enable myself to suspend my disbelief and move past that, and I did find it easier when they started getting evidence from other places as well.But what a dreadful thing to have to go through! I'm fascinated to see that Lois Duncan and family are still so involved in finding an answer, and hope they will eventually succeed.