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Paganini kontrakten - Lars Kepler,  Jesper Klint Kistorp A 4.5 star review.There are people you wish you had never met. For your biggest dream can become your worst nightmare. And some contracts cannot be broken. Not even by your own death.A young woman is found dead, drowned in brackish water, on board a sailboat drifting just outside Stockholm. Later that day a man found hanged in his luxurious apartment in Östermalm. It looks like suicide, but the room is completely bare, how has he managed it? The two deaths would have remained a mystery, if not Superintendent Joona Linna had been so terribly stubborn...The sequel to "The Hypnotist", but it can easily be read on its own, as there is no continuation in plot between the two books. I think I might just like this one a tiny bit more, but whether that's because I read this one and heard the other as an audiobook, I couldn't say.Some people refer to Lars Kepler as Stieg Larsson's successor, and I can't say I altogether disagree with them. At least it's not many 600 page books that keep me captivated enough for me to finish in one day. It's an amazing story that keeps the pace until the very last page. I'd definitely be interested in reading more from his hand.Unfortunately the translation could have been better. At one point Joona finds a fragmented email, and as we get the complete text later in the book, it's very obvious that the fragmented email hasn't been translated, but has been left in its original Swedish. An unfortunate oversight.