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Dystopia - Dennis Jürgensen "There are more worlds than there are stars.They can be ruled by Light or Darkness.Their inhabitans can be civilized thinkers or primitive killers.Two kingdoms can lie on opposide sides of Eternity, and still have borders that cross each other, without the worlds ever meeting.But if fate so decides, the barriers of time and space disappear.And the borders fade together and open gates..."Dalixam's BookDystopia is one of those amazing fantasy books, that - though I remember I love them - I forget from time to time just HOW good they are. I love the universe that Dennis Jürgensen creates, and the detail he puts into the description of it.Even though I more or less know the story by heart by now, I still lose myself completely in the universe of Dystopia, and the fates of the eudaimons and the two humans. It's the age-old fight between good and evil, but with some delightful twists that make it seem new and original.Unfortunately it's never been translated into English. It's well worth learning Danish to read it though! ;)