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Up From The Ashes - Kenneth R. Walls, H.R. Schorr Ken Walls appeared to have it all... a happy marriage, loving kids, a great job as a Senior Pastor... What his friends and family didn't know was that Ken lived a secret life. He constantly had to fight his addiction to porn - a fight he insisted on fighting alone without even the help of God, and a fight he ultimately lost, as it led him to engaging in an adulturous relationship with his sister-in-law.But God is gracious. Once He has called a person, He doesn't regret that calling. Once Ken was ready to repent, God was there waiting for him. Ready and able to shower him with His grace, and return His blessings to his life.I'll be honest - this was a hard book to read and is an even harder book to review. With too many friends who've been the victims of affairs, I found it really difficult to read about Ken's travels down that road. Had it been a fictional account I would have disliked it intensely.But it's not fiction. It a true story about a fellow human being - and just like you and me, a sinner, saved by grace. Ken is achingly honest in his way of relating what happened. He doesn't sugar-coat it, he doesn't make excuses for himself or try to explain it away. He just states what happened, and leaves it at that. I feel horrible for the people he hurt along the way, and find it almost wrong that he found happiness together with the person he cheated on his wife with, but that's because of my sense of judgement. Fortunately God doesn't work that way, and this just goes to show that God can make something beautiful out of even the worst mess we may have made of our lives.I wouldn't recommend this book to non-Christians, as I think they might find many of Ken's experiences unbelievable and hard to stomach, but for a Christian it's an interesting reminder that a saint is just a sinner who fell down - and got back up again.