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Pantomime - Laura Lam A 4.5 star review.Erin Morgenstein could have learned a few pointers from Laura Lam. "Pantomime" has all the magic and mystery of "The Night Circus", but fortunately it isn't just limited to the atmosphere here, but extends to the characters and plot as well.I loved reading about Micah's life - both at the circus and how he came to be there. As the reader will quickly discover, "Pantomime" isn't written in chronological order, and in the beginning, the chapters switch between relating Micah's story, before and after starting the circus.However, probably my favourite element of the story is the universe that Laura Lam creates. I know there's SO much more to discover about Ellada in general and Penglass in particular. Fortunately I know there's a second book on the way, and I can't wait to read it."Pantomime" is very obviously the first book in a series. Very few questions are answered, and while clues are given, I'm hoping for some definite facts in the next book.