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A Single Thread - Marie Bostwick A lovely feel-good novel - very similar in style to "The Shop on Blossom Street" and just as charming :) The writing style took some getting used to though - Marie Bostwick would occasionally, and for no apparent reason, step through the fourth wall and address the reader directly. I didn't mind as such, it just threw me a bit. Fortunately she either stopped doing it after the first few chapters, or I stopped noticing.I think I would do very well indeed in a small town like that - at least I loved the atmosphere as described here, and would have been very keen to visit Charlie's Grill on the Green and go browsing in Evelyn's store. Not that I've ever actually quilted myself, but I've always loved the idea of it and find quilts absolutely gorgeous.I had wondered if I'd feel as caught up in a book about a craft I know nothing about as I do in the knitting books I've been reading, but thankfully that wasn't the case at all, and I was very pleased to finish it in one lazy afternoon :)