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Scorcher (Forces of Nature #1) - Kelly Edwards A 4.5 star review.I'd had my eye out for this book for quite awhile as I've been reading the author's blog, so when she revealed that it was free of Amazon weekend before last, I jumped at the chance. I started it a few days later, and it didn't take me long to realize that this would have been well worth shelling out proper money on. A quick and very enjoyable read.In atmosphere, it most of all reminded me of the animated movie "The Incredibles". The entire idea of superheros hiding among us, and their abilities (although not their secret identities) being common knowledge is incredibly appealing to me, and I especially liked the fact that the superpowers aren't explained! They aren't paranormal creatures, they haven't been bitten by radioactive spiders or fallen into the pot of magic potion as a baby, they're just... super. I'm really glad Kelly Edwards didn't feel the need to give any explanation or reason for that.The book nicely straddles the line between fantasy and romance, without dipping too heavily into either genre. It has a fairly open ending, but as the plot evolved, it was the only way for it to end, and there were no specific cliff-hangers to annoy me. Still, I can't wait for the sequel, and hope that Kelly Edwards lives up to the high bar she's set for herself here.