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Into Thin Air: A personal account of the Everest disaster - Jon Krakauer Fascinating book! Not one you read in one sitting though, as it's full of names and details to remember. But it never became dry, and I found myself thinking about it even when away from it - that's usually a good sign.I know nothing about climbing, but reading about Jon Krakauer's experiences I can tell that it takes a very special mentality to subject oneself to that kind of hardship for the sake of... of what? In the case of Mt. Everest, it seems to be for the sake of a high risk of failure, 15 minutes top on the summit (if you make it that far) and an ever-present risk of hypothermia, frostbite, and even death. Of course I can understand the accomplishment of being able to say "Done that!", but for me, personally, it wouldn't be worth it.That said, though I wouldn't do it myself, it's still fascinating for me to read about! I love living life vicariously through others, and in that regard, the book was spot on!