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The Wind on the Moon - Eric Linklater, Nicolas Bentley My school library back in primary school had this book, and it was one of my absolute favourite books. I think I must have taken it out about once every 6 months on average. Then I left primary school, and somehow didn't think about it in years. When my grandparents died, I inherited their copy of the book, but just never got around to rereading it. All in all, I think it's been 15-20 years since I read it last.Somehow I got thinking about it recently, and got an urge to reread it. I was a tiny bit reluctant to start, as I wondered if it could at all live up to my expectations. Not all books can stand the test of time and be equally as good at age 33 as at age 10. However I really wanted to read it out loud to my nieblings.And fortunately it turned out that "The Wind on the Moon" is just as good at age 33 as at age 10, and I loved every minute of rereading it. The edition I've gotten hold of has been translated by Queen Margrethe II, and I must say she's done a TERRIFIC job! Nothing shows a translators faults (or linguistic mistakes in general) as clearly as reading the book aloud, and her language just flows and makes it a delight to read.It's wonderfully gratifying to revisit a childhood favourite and still find it worthy of your love.