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The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden, #2) - Julie Kagawa "The Eternity Cure" picks up 9 months after "The Immortal Rules" left off. Having left Eden behind, Allie is hunting down Sarren, looking for a chance to save Kanin, her sire. Along the way Allie meets up again with both friends and foes - some more expected than others, and Allie will soon learn that becoming undead was the easy part, and her struggles are far from over.I know this is more than just a little vague, but I really appreciated not knowing what was ahead of me and don't want to rob any other readers of the surprises that are in store. In many ways "The Enternity Cure" is just as good - if not even better than "The Immortal Rules" as the struggles become more complex than just "kill or be killed". I liked seeing the complex interactions between Allie and Jackal, even though I never cared for him much, and was fascinated by the descriptions of the vampires and the pets in New Covington.The end was even more cliff-hanger'ish than "The Immortal Rules", which did disappoint me somewhat at first. But for once I was very grateful for the epilogue - otherwise I'm not sure I would have been too keen on reading the next book in the series.