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Nordkraft - Jakob Ejersbo The drug scene in Aalborg in the first half of the 1990s - a novel in 3 parts.In part one we meet the pusherfrau (always pronounced in German) Maria, who smuggles hash for Asger. It's constantly on the verge of disaster, and Asgar's junkie-dogs, Ulla's breasts, the police, Maria's mother and the Iranian deserter doesn't make it any easier.Part two is about Allan's fight to get away from his old life. But the past doesn't appreciate being ignored, and his new flame, Maja, finds it difficult to believe him.Part three takes place when one of the friends die of a drug overdose, and the others meet at his funeral.**This is a 4.5 star review.This is considered a Danish classic, and now that I've read it, I can understand why. I thought it would be dark and difficult to get through, but that wasn't the case at all. This is social realism when it's best. Usually I'm not fond of that type of book at all, but Jakob Ejersbo just makes it work. He definitely has a way with words! As soon as I got more than a few pages into it, I was hooked and really didn't want to put it down. I stayed up much two late two nights and was almost late for work one morning, just to read a little bit more.I really got to like the characters and loved that Ejersbo didn't take them from "bad to worse" (which seems to be par for the course in books focusing on social realism) but actually planted seeds of hope here and there.5 stars for the first two parts, 4 stars for the last one. I missed a proper conclusion to the first two story lines, and though they were both hinted at in the third part (although Maria's more than Allan's), I would have appreciated a few more details.