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Feed - Mira Grant A 4.5 star review.This was amazing! Pretty near impossible to put down. I "read" it as an audiobook, and found myself making excuses to bike detours just to read a bit more. To label it merely a zombie-book or a dystopian novel would be doing it a disservice, because it is so much more than that. The true strength of this book is the worldbuilding, and Mira Grant's descriptions of a world post-zombie outbreak. A world where George Romero is considered a national hero, and where bloggers are the true journalists.The only reason I left out the last half star is because I wasn't too pleased with all the events near the end of the book, but there's no way I'm going to spoil that for you! The ending itself was satisfactory though, and I've immediately started on the second book.The title is pure genius, even though I'm embarrassed to admit how long time it took me to get the second meaning... I'm blaming this on not having the cover in front of me all the time.