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Blackout  - Mira Grant Definitely one of my favourite series read this year. I feel the need to own the physical versions of the books at some stage :)It was kind of weird to be reading this one after having listened to the two previous books as audiobooks - I kept hearing things with the narrators' voices. But guess that just means they did a terrific job.After seeing that book two had been a transitional novel, I was a tad worried whether or not this final one would be able to live up to my expectations and provide a fitting closure to the story. Fortunately it managed this very nicely, although it in no way took the form I had expected - there were many curve-balls thrown at the reader along the way. The end was left kind of open, but with this kind of scenario, I can't really see how it could be anything else.I'm sad to leave the characters behind - they became unusually 'real' to me.