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Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) - The problem with most dystopian/post-apocalyptic series is that it is really the world building that makes the story so interesting. Once that is established, it often falls back to being an 'ordinary' series, and more is required to keep it interesting.This was one of the reasons I was a bit hesitant to start "Insurgent". I had loved "Divergent", and thought it one of the best books I read all last year. Would "Insurgent" really be able to live up to it?Unfortunately, not quite - as reflected in the slightly lower rating I've given it. But it certainly tries. It picks up exactly where "Divergent" leaves off, and races on, full speed ahead, from the very first page. Since less page-time is dedicated to the world building, more space remains for developing the characters and furthering the plot. Veronica Roth surprised me very pleasantly by managing to write a second book in a trilogy that doesn't just come across as a placeholder/transitory book. The plot doesn't just exist to bring the story to it's natural conclusion in the third book, but works in its own right as well. It'll be interesting to see where she takes it in the final book.