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The Stolen Child: A Novel

The Stolen Child - Keith Donohue I've had this standing on my tbr-shelves for ages, and finally got around to reading it. Unfortunately it wasn't quite as good as I had expected, although still good enough to hold my attention nicely the few days it took me to finish it.The book is really two intertwining stories, with every second chapter being told by "Henry Day" and every second chapter by "Aniday". Unfortunately I found Henry Day's story a LOT more interesting than that of Aniday, which made for a bit of a sledge through the other chapters. My biggest problem was that it was so depressing! No real happiness was found by neither Henry nor Aniday and it just made the entire thing seem... pointless, really.Fortunately the book ended on an optimistic note, which caused me to add that last star, but as a whole, I don't think it's a book I'll be in any rush to reread.