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The Dead of Night (Tomorrow Series #2)

The Dead of Night - John Marsden This series suffers one weakness similar to that of the "Gone" series by Michael Grant - since I know this book isn't the last in the series, I also know that there will be no real resolution to the war.But at least I know that going into the novel, so it doesn't bother me as much as it would have otherwise. And I'm still fascinated by the picture John Marsden paints.I was annoyed with Ellie for giving in to Lee. It could have been handled so much better, because as it was it seemed like she only agreed because he kept pressuring her.Haley's army infuriated me, and I'm almost glad we haven't heard the last from him, as I'd love to see some kind of retribution.I thought the end was glossed over too quickly, but can sort of see the reason for this, since the books are supposed to be Ellie's account of the happenings and therefore only focuses on what she can bear to focus on.