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Holly's Inbox

Holly's Inbox - Holly Denham I'd have liked to give this 3.5 stars.Quite entertaining, and a very quick read (it may be 700+ pages, but there's so little writing on each, that it reads like a 2-300 page book). It was a bit too Bridget Jones'ish in places for my tastes (I'm glad Holly didn't make quite as many bad decisions though - her judgement was definitely much better thankfully), and I had a hard time relating to many of the characters, which obviously brought the rating down some (also, do people IRL really get as bitchy as Jennie? I've certainly never met any - but that may just be luck!). On the other hand, I loved the writing style, found myself laughing out loud in several places, and had a hard time putting it down, when it was time to head off to bed last night.